LENA Christmas Trees up to 240 cm

A wide range of sizes of the artificial LENA Christmas tree up to 240 cm. Perfect for smaller spaces or as an addition to a composition with larger trees. They are trees with a classic branch density and positioning of pine needles perfectly imitating a polish spruce. 

Artificial LENA Christmas trees up to 240 cm for every interior

Small interiors no longer have to be a problem when trying to create a magical atmosphere during the festive period. Thanks to our rich offer of trees up to 240 cm, everyone will be able to find the right size and type of tree for them. All of our trees are made out of polyethylene, a material, which can be entirely recycled. Despite that, said material is especially great at maintaining its rich colour and shape for very long periods of time. Another aspect, both ecological and economical is the longevity of our Christmas tree. A purchase of a single tree is equal, in terms of environmental harmfulness, to the purchase of a natural spruce tree only after three years. This is a very important quality of our Christmas tree because of the ever more popular idea “less waste”, which is based on minimizing waste due to the pollution of the environment.  With appropriate storage, our artificial Christmas trees can last you for many years. Our products come with a unique folding system called “QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM”, thanks to which a tree can be folded and unfolded with one swift motion. Thanks to this you can quickly pack up your decorations and happily await the next festive season. 

Unique design

Lena is a classic Christmas tree perfect for any interior. It is an ideal base for any festive arrangement. Evenly distributed branches and pine needles, in an elegant way highlight the shimmer or lights and colourful baubles in many materials and sizes. Another advantage our artificial Christmas trees have, is the possibility of rearranging branches in accordance with the likes and needs of the chosen festive decoration. Your Christmas tree can change from season to season dependant on your personal vision for the decorations in a given festive season. With the extra enrichment of the branches with a bark coloured foil, the Christmas tree looks natural and interesting. You can achieve a natural and rustic effect without the need to cut down a natural spruce tree. With the use of longer pine needles, they become  a perfect base for hanging baubles from, be it big, small or atypical ones. You will not have to worry about your precious family heirlooms ever falling of the Christmas tree as they will be securely hanging for the branches of our artificial Christmas trees.