Small MINI Christmas trees 

Artificial MINI trees are a part of our Small range of products. Perfect for small spaces or as an addition to a much larger composition using other Christmas trees. They are classic Christmas trees, with a thick coating of branches. 

Small, artificial trees by ADAL 

Within the offer by ADAL, you will be able to find all manner of artificial Christmas trees, and this included a Small collection. As an experienced manufacturer we try to meet the needs of our clients head on. Because of this we prepare special models even in the smallest sizes. In some cases, just their shape means smaller size. Our MINI tree is very easy to relocate because of its small size and weight. But simply adding some light and decorations even the smallest tree can be the main focal point of your home or office. 

Small MINI trees for every interior

All of our trees are made out of Polyethylene, a material, which can be recycled in its entirety. Despite that, it resembles natural pine needles extremely well, with green vivid colours and perfect shape retained for years. Another ecological and economical aspect of our products is their longevity. By purchasing a single tree, its negative impact on the environment is reverted after just 3 years when compared to a natural tree.

Unique design 

 MINI is a classical Christmas tree that fits any interior and can be a base for any kind of a Christmas arrangement. Evenly distributed branches and pine needles, in an elegant way highlight the hue of LED lights and colour of baubles in many sizes and materials.

Offered products by ADAL

At the Timeless Christmas Trees online sore we offer products by ADAL, a company with over 20 years of experience. A strong positon on the market is the effect of great care and passion, and above all the high quality and professional service we offer. Products are not only spectacular but also completely safe, as certified by European and American laboratories. ADAL also uses special deployment systems allowing for the trees to be closed like a parasol or to be striped on just their branches. 

Why should you buy an artificial Christmas tree?

Many people wonder, if selecting an artificial tree, over the natural one, is the right choice. The first solution comes with many advantages. Currently, products from a good manufacturer look almost as if real, and in terms of raw looks they are even better. This is because of the extra thickness of branches and no obvious gaps. It’s important to note that an artificial Christmas tree will serve you for a many years. Over a long period of time this will mean financial savings, as you won’t have to money each year which also turns out to be the more ecological choice.