Tajga MIX PE

Tajga Mix Pe Christmas Tree 

An artificial Tajga Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. Thanks to its special form this Christmas tree come equipped with a unique wintery feel, which has been inspired by the taiga landscape as seen in the most northern countries. Additionally, the tree trunk has been made out of brown foil, which intensifies the natural look of the tree. This tree holds another advantage over standard trees in the form of branches made out of polyethylene which, in high detail, resembles a natural pine or spruce tree. 

Ecological aspects 

Currently our customers value the ecological aspects of artificial trees on the same level as its safety. As we all know not all artificial materials can be fully recycled. These are the kinds of materials that manufacturers use to create artificial trees of a low quality. It is an entirely different case when producing exclusive products. ADAL is one such company that uses polyethylene to create their artificial Christmas trees. It provides a spectacular result, in terms of visual aspects, and it can be easily recycled. After many years of usage, it can be allocated for further recycling, thanks to which it won’t pollute the earth but will be used to create something new. 

Simple assembly 

By selecting the artificial Silhouette Mix PE Christmas tree it will not only present great but be easy to set up. This is why people are straying further and further away from Christmas trees that can’t be dismantled and have to be stored as they are. It goes without saying that an artificial Christmas tree with detachable branches has to be carefully constructed, as we don’t want the branches to randomly fall off during normal usage. Best manufactures use especially developed systems, be it in-house or outsourced, to make the assembly process a breeze. This in turn means the tree will be easy to store away until next Christmas. 

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees by the ADAL brand

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees such as the Tajga Mix PE tree can be found in the offer by ADAL. We have been manufacturing such products for over 20 years. This provides us with a lot of experience, as well as many years during which we could develop and improve our products, so that they could look as natural as possible. The fruits of this labour was our great success on the polish and international markets respectively. Some of our models come equipped with special systems, which simplify the assembly process. When it comes to large illumination project for open public spaces, a team of our professionals will handle the montage of said decoration. The offer in itself is highly diversified, in terms of style of trees and of course their size.