SILHOUETTE Christmas trees up to 240 cm 

Artificial SILHOUETTE Christmas trees up to 240 cm are a proposition for clients that value quality and well as attention to detail. The tree comes with MPA NRW certificates which ensures its complete safety and is made out of only the best materials. By selecting an artificial Christmas tree from out stock, you can be sure of its quality and longevity. 

Artificial SILHOUETTE Christmas trees up to 240 cm – dignified and elegant

In the current times besides time, one of the most valued elements of life is the living space we occupy. Most of our apartments are not the biggest, besides that fact we strive to maximise our available space and come up with news ways to arrange what we have to the best degree. Because of this, in the category of Christmas trees up to 240 cm we have created the Silhouette model. It is one of the most characteristically designed artificial Christmas tree that can be found in our offer, this is because of its extremely small lower diameter (at 150cm tall its diameter is only 64cm). Thanks to this, even the biggest Silhouette Christmas tree will find room where a traditional Christmas tree cannot. 

A green Forest in every home 

Silhouette is a type of Christmas tree that comes with a range of possibilities when decorating a room. It is perfect for elegant interiors, as well as warm, homely rooms. Despite the fact that this models form is rather simple, the thick, tightly packed, random branches make it look rich, elegant and dignified. Available sizes ( 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 ) allow you to freely mix and match it with other Christmas trees found in our offer, in order to create a wonderful festive scene. This in turn will enable you to spread a magical Christmas atmosphere in every nook and cranny of your homes or apartments. 

Simple assembly 

Out artificial Christmas trees not only look beautifully in every place, but they are also extremely easy to assemble and take apart. Once taken apart, they practically take up no space what so ever, and certainly much less than a natural Christmas tree. Additionally it should not be forgotten, that once the festive season is over, you won’t find your home littered with a ton of pine needles that have to be cleaned up. Meaning you will have more time to spend on other, more enjoyable activities.  It also should not be forgotten that an artificial Christmas tree will last you many years, that equals to many hours saved on cleaning, shopping and transporting a natural Christmas tree.