About us


For over 20 years we have been manufacturing Christmas trees! Our trees are created with the utmost care and passion. Through creativity, honesty and reliability we have gain a strong standing on the current market.

Thanks to high quality and professional service our decorations have become well known in Europe, Africa and Australia. We offer a wide range of traditional and modern elements that are made only with materials of a high quality. Our partners are some of the best all over the world. Together we can create a wonderful Christmas decoration. 

We guarantee that are products are of high quality, will be delivered on time and handled by a group of professionals. The growing group of satisfied customers is the best reward we could ever ask for.

Thanks to our passion and engagement we can support pupils of the No. 23 Special School in Czestochowa. 

Quality and Safety 

The rising demand of the market as well as the needs of our clients engage and motivate us to constantly improve the quality of our products. All of them are of high quality as certified by American and European laboratories.

Besides the heat resistance certificates we have statistical calculations for our giant Christmas trees, which have been designed to ensure safety during usage. As a flexible, innovative company, based on years of experience, we yearn to be a reliable and trust worth business. 

Our mission 

Since its inception, our company was on a set path for development and growth on the economic market. Our missions goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We want to consciously create quality products, we wish face the demands of the market head on that satisfy the demands of our clients and allow them to function in the current economy. A steady growth of the company is therefore dedicated to its employees, this is the fundamental values believed here at ADAL.

In the organizational structure, management systems and development strategies, the company applies a specially developed Internal Code based on Work Procedures, which indicates the procedures of each and every position in our internal structure, as well as marketing contacts to ensure a high level of professionalism in customer service. We have been manufacturing Christmas trees for over 20 years! We produce them with great care and passion. . Through creativity, honesty and reliability we have gain a strong standing on the current market. 

very important events in our history

PPHU Adal is signed into the economic activity registry

For the first time Adal appears on the Chrstmasworld market in Frankfurt. We gain international clients and begin to export.

We create our first decorations to order – Christmas trees in lamps and baubles.

a record breaking amount of people are hired in our factory – 110! A new head storage facility is built.

Adal is a great match maker :) during this year we enjoy a record breaking number of weddings!

We are hired by Silesia City Center, at the time the biggest shopping centre in Poland. We create a complex Christmas illumination.

Our TV is aired on TV for the first time. An interactive 5 meter tall figure of Reksio in Bielsko-Biala is widely commentated :)

We move into a new head office building.

The opening of a new, 2200 m2, storage and production warehouse.

Otwieramy malarnie proszkową