Festive Wreaths 

Artificial Festive Wreaths are a great additional decoration for your window, door or other flat surfaces. Thanks to a wide range of sizes they will look great in any interior space regardless of the size the client will select. They are a great decoration for entrances, elevations and other such surfaces. Our products come with MPA NRW certificates given out by then Office of Materials Control. 

A good solution for many years 

Our artificial festive wreaths are a perfect investment, which will last for many years. Thanks to a perfect finish and high quality of materials, they will remain in great shape for many years, while maintaining their colour and shape. Polyethylene, from which the artificial pine needles are made, which are used during the production of our wreaths, is 100% recyclable, which reduces the negative environmental impact on our planet. Besides the fact that our Christmas trees are nearly timeless, after 3 years of usage, the co2 emissions which have been released during its production, are negated as compared to the emissions released into the atmosphere during the process of growing a natural Christmas tree which is bought each year. 

Tasteful decorations 

During the process of decorating our homes just before Christmas time, we often have a feeling that, a single Christmas tree will not be enough. Surfaces free from decorations can be filled up with our artificial festive wreaths, with additional decorations which will match your vision, such as baubles or LED lights. The wreath itself is a wonderful decorative element which adds a bit of the traditional, festive character to any surface it touches. It has been becoming more and more popular with restaurants, administration buildings, offices and also our homes, where you will most commonly find them on a door, welcoming your guests, foretelling the amazing decorations inside. 

An option for people with allergies 

The purchase of our ROYAL WREATH has one, very important advantage for a group of people that have problems with different types of allergens.  Our garlands does not give off resin or pollen, which are a common cause for allergic reactions for many people. This cannot be said about natural decorations, meaning some people won’t enjoy a green Christmas. By selecting one of our products you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and not have to worry about a thing.  Thanks to this you can spend your Christmas in peace, not having to worry that one of our quests has an allergic reaction, or even worse someone from your close family.