Small LENA Christmas trees  

Artificial LENA tree is a part of our Small range of products. Perfect for small spaces or as an addition to a much larger composition using other Christmas trees. They are classic Christmas trees, with a thick coating of branches. 

Small, artificial trees by ADAL 

Within the offer by ADAL, you will be able to find all manner of artificial Christmas trees, and this included a Small collection. As an experienced manufacturer we try to meet the needs of our clients head on. Because of this we prepare special models even in the smallest sizes. In some cases, just their shape means smaller size.

Small LENA trees up to 80 cm – right for every interior

Tight interiors are no longer a problem when trying to create a magical atmosphere during the winter season. A Christmas tree has also found its place in offices. When thing of creating a magical, Christmas atmosphere within office space, employers will often select such seasonal decorations. Smaller artificial options can be easily adjusted for any room, even a corridor, hole or a walkway. Just by selecting an artificial decoration instead of a live, natural tree you can enjoy it for many years to come. Finally our offer is great for home owners too, if they don’t own any large rooms and don’t want to waste any unnecessary space. 

Thanks to our rich offer of small artificial Christmas trees, everyone will be able to find an appropriated Christmas trees for themselves, be it by height or type. All of our trees are made out of Polyethylene, a material, which can be recycled in its entirety. Despite that, it resembles natural pine needles extremely well, with green vivid colours and perfect shape retained for years. Another ecological and economical aspect of our products is their longevity. By purchasing a single tree, its negative impact on the environment is reverted after just 3 years when compared to a natural tree. Our products are also equipped with the QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM for express folding and unfolding. They can be set up with one, swift motion, thanks to their small size once folded they are also a breeze to store. 

Unique design 

 LENA is a classical Christmas tree that fits any interior and can be a base for any kind of a Christmas arrangement. Evenly distributed branches and pine needles, in an elegant way highlight the hue of LED lights and colour of baubles in many sizes and materials. You will not have to worry, that your precious family ornaments will fall off from the Christmas tree, as they will be securely hanging on the branches of our trees.  LENA trees are slim, but by maintaining correct proportions, still look natural and simply really, really well.