Silhouette MIX PE

Exclusive range – SILHOUETTE MIX PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Silhouette Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our exclusive range of Christmas trees. This particular Tree has a very rich forest-green colour thanks to its natural representation of pine needles which was achieved with the use of polyethylene (PE). Minimalistic and modern, the form of this Christmas tree allows to decorate even the most demanding of spaces. 

Detailed and striking looks 

Thanks to the high quality of used materials, and great attention to detail allows the artificial Silhouette Mix PE Christmas tree to look truly beautiful. It has been a long time since you could easily differentiate between a natural and artificial Christmas tree and complain about their strange looks. High quality products should have a good representation of pine needles and a carefully planned arrangement of twigs. A lot of this is dictated by a given type of Christmas tree. It is certainly true that exclusive trees have to be created carefully so that they can be admired for their aesthetical values.

An option for people with allergies 

It should not be forgotten, that the purchase of an artificial Silhouette Mix PE Christmas tree is tied to many other advantages. Surely this will be a great solution for people struggling with various types of allergies, especially those related to resin. By investing in such as tree you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in your home, without the unnecessary risk of someone getting an allergic reaction. 

Artificial Christmas trees as if real – offer by the ADAL brand

In the rich offer of Christmas trees by ADAL, you will find trees that look like live pine or spruce trees. You can use them to decorate your home, office or shop, if you are thinking of decorating a large open space we also offer the Giant variation of our artificial Christmas trees. All of our models are produced out of top quality materials, while being fully ecological and environment friendly. 

Easy assembly 

By selecting an artificial Silhouette Mix PE Christmas tree you want it to not only look great but to also be easy to assemble. Because of this old models are becoming less and less popular, as they have to be stored in a single position and can’t be folded up and packed away. Following that an artificial Christmas tree with removable branches has to be carefully finished, so that they won’t fall off during standard usage. Some of the best manufacturers use solutions which they developed in-house, that greatly simplify the assembly process. This in turn means the storage of such a tree will be extremely simple.