Noel Mix PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Noel Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. The base of this tree is wide, meaning you will be able to fit loads of presents underneath it, prepared for both youngsters and  adults alike, celebrating Christmas. 

Optimal size for many interiors 

Despite appearances, you don’t always have to follow the rule the bigger, the better when it comes to Christmas trees.  Standard models will work perfectly, where larger solutions, could give off the effect of satiety and overwhelm the interior. Such a tree does not necessarily has to be placed on the ground. They could be placed on a table, where it will look just as effective. It could be a truly optimal decision when thinking about most homes. It is also a good idea, when the tree will be placed in an office building, where more than a few people are working. Placed slightly on the side, it will create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, while not getting in anyone’s way. 

Easy montage 

An artificial Noel Mix PE does not only present wonderfully, but is also very simple to assemble. Because of this, trees that have to be stored in a single position and can’t be folded are becoming less and less popular with each year. Following that an artificial Christmas tree with dismountable branches be created carefully enough, so that they won’t fall out during standard usage in your home or flat. The best manufacturers use such common or developed in-house techniques and systems which make montage a breeze. 

High quality 

Many people are not convinced by artificial Christmas Trees, they associate them with products of a low quality, which don’t look natural at all. This cannot be said when thinking about ADAL and their products, which has been in the business of creating artificial Christmas trees for over 20 years. They work with passion and attention to detail, and the fruits of that labour are highly detailed Christmas trees, made with high quality materials. They look truly well and many people will not even notice that the tree is in fact artificial. In the case of the Mix PE line, the branches ends are created out of a different material, bright green, thanks to which their ends look like young pine shoots. The level of realisms is therefore very high, meaning you will most definitely appreciate our products. When selecting  our offer, you can be sure that our trees are entirely safe to use. They come with all of the required certificates, confirming their high quality. 

Artificial Christmas trees like natural. Why are they worth it? 

Artificial Christmas trees that look natural can be used in both, private decorations of your home or massive illumination projects of shopping malls and open spaces. Well made products will perfectly resemble a natural tree in every way. Additionally they are impeccable in terms of appearance and you can order them in a range of sizes and styles. Such decorations can be found in the offer by ADAL, which has been an artificial Christmas tree manufacturer for over 20 years! 

Impeccable appearance 

In a situation, when the Christmas tree is created out of high quality materials as is the case with the products by ADAL, they will undoubtedly look as if real. It could be said that some of them look even better than live pine trees. Many models are set to imitate their natural counterparts to the highest degree, meaning they don’t have perfectly even branches, but look impeccable and the Christmas tree is thick. Because of this such a decoration will always be a beautiful decoration.