McLine Garland


Artificial festive garlands, ROGAL Standard MCLINE are an atypical seasonal decoration for your home, office and balcony. It is a nonstandard decorative element, which has become greatly popular thanks to its interesting shape and design. The decoration in itself is very flexible when it comes to possible hanging locations, it is also an amazing, additional decorative element which you can use in your design project.  

 Unique festive decoration 

Exclusive artificial ROGAL MCLINE Garlands are a proposition for our most demanding customers that expect a traditional beauty and perfect design. They could be used to decorate the main entrance into a building, the entrance or balustrades in a shopping gallery or the facades of smaller, local shops. Garlands have also been highly popular within the hospitality business, mainly restaurants which use such decoration to attract potential customers. Home owners also highly value festive garlands as they can be used to highlight their homes elevation, windows or even garage doors. This Garland is available in four distinctive sizes: 120 cm, 180 cm, 270 cm and 400cm. The artificial ROGAL MCLINE garland comes with a slightly smaller branches but in a much larger amount, while maintain its light and subtle look, which is also very exclusive. The unique shape of a half-moon in itself makes this decoration very interesting and unique. Additional decorations can be easily attached to it, such as LED lights, baubles and other typical ornaments. 

For people wanting more 

As tradition dictates, a festive decoration should bea Christmas tree itself, however during current times, for some people that is not enough. Following the American trend in the way they decorate their homes during Christmas, more and more people want decorate their homes in such a way that it highlights their love and joy for this wonderful time of the year. Garlands are a perfect item for such decorations, as they will not only bring a little bit of green to brick and concrete interiors, but will also be a base for other additional decorations, which can hang directly on the garland or from underneath it. 

For people with allergies 

The purchase of our ROGAL MCLINE garland has one, very important advantage for a group of people that have problems with different types of allergens.  Our garlands does not give off resin or pollen, which are a common cause for allergic reactions for many people. This cannot be said about natural decorations, meaning some people won’t enjoy a green Christmas. By selecting one of our products you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and not have to worry about a thing.  Thanks to this you can spend your Christmas in peace, not having to worry that one of our quests has an allergic reaction, or even worse someone from your close family.