Premium Mix PE

Premium Mix PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Premium Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. A Christmas tree with a natural, forest-green colour, with branches made out of polyethylene (PE), detailed reproduction of natural pine needles.

A Premium Christmas tree as if natural, why is it worth investing in an alternative to the natural Christmas tree? 

Artificial Christmas trees – not always resembling natural trees – have been on the market for a good dozen of years. Their main job was to successfully eliminate the unnecessary cutting down of natural Christmas trees during the pre-festive period. Unfortunately the first models did not become very popular. Not only did they not look good, but on no way, shape or form did they resemble natural live Christmas trees, it was also a rather big problem to dispose of them properly. Most of them were produced out of metals and plastics, which as we all know take a really long time to breakdown. In no way this an actual attempt to protect the environment. 

New solutions – improved looks and protection of the environment 

Luckily current synthetic Christmas trees don’t look like they did years ago. Most importantly they are designed in an entirely new way, thanks to which we can enjoy thick, branching branches and vivid green colours, looking just like the natural colour of live pine or spruce trees. It is very easy to make a mistake about their authenticity. It is also worth noting that modern models are created entirely out of polyethylene, which can be easily recycled. 

An option for people with allergies 

It should not be forgotten, that the purchase of an artificial Premium Christmas tree is tied to many other advantages. Surely this will be a great solution for people struggling with various types of allergies, especially those related to resin. By investing in such as tree you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in your home, without the unnecessary risk of someone getting an allergic reaction. 


The artificial Premium Mix PE Christmas tree also means a good deal of savings. You will not have to go out of your way to buy yet another Christmas tree, which will be discarded once the festive season is over. A polyethylene Christmas tree can easily be used for a few, or even a dozen of years, while maintaining its unique looks at all times. 

Christmas trees as if real – offer by the ADAL brand

In the offer by ADAL you will find Christmas trees that look as if real, that you can use to decorate your home, office or shop as well as bigger variants designated for open public spaces. Each and every model is created out of the best materials currently available, while ensuring that the trees are ecological and friendly to the environment. 

Easy montage and storage 

Additionally their storage, as well as the folding of ornaments is extremely easy. Most of our models are made out of a few appropriately marked sections, which need to be simply connected to each other so that you can enjoy a beautiful and green Christmas tree. In the case of bigger trees, designated to decorate open public spaces we not only offer the possibility to purchase such a tree, but also montage and disassembly services.