Tundra MIX PE

Tundra Mix PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Tundra Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. Unique feature of this Christmas tree is its design which is inspired by the tundra landscape ever present in the arctic zone. Additionally what helps this tree stand out are its naturally looking branches. They have been made out of polyethylene (PE) which maintains its shape and colour for ages. 

Artificial Tundra Mix PE Christmas trees for ever interior 

Be it a small or a large room, they can all be decorated with a Tundra Mix PE Christmas tree, thanks to which, during Christmas time, each and every room will have a magical, festive atmosphere. Christmas and a pine tree are essentially combined into one. And it’s precisely this connection that is so magical, it allows us to peacefully spend long, cold winter evenings surrounded by our family and friends. Thanks to our rich offer of Mix PE Christmas trees, everyone can decorate their Christmas tree in any way they want. Classical and natural shape of the Christmas tree allows for the use of a diverse decoration, which will work well with nay room and the taste of customers. Everyone will be able to find their preferred tree by type, height and lower diameter. All of our artificial Christmas trees are made out of polyethylene, a material, which can be fully recycled. It maintains its vivid colour and shape for a very long time. The longevity of our trees is a very important ecological and economical aspect. Natural Christmas trees seem to be more ecological only in theory as recent studies have recently shown. Entire plantations of such trees are necessary, which in the end will only be used for a few days and then discarded. Artificial replacements are used for more than a few seasons, and it is estimated that after three years they turn out to be better for the environment.  

Montage made simple 

Artificial Tundra Mix PE Christmas trees not only look great, but are also incredibly simple to assemble thanks to its detachable branches. An artificial Christmas tree has to be therefore created in such as way so as to not lose any branches during standard use. It also means easy storage requirements since the tree can be taken apart and tightly packed up and stored away awaiting the next festive period. This is why trees that have to be stored as is or are of poor quality are not as popular anymore. Some of the best Christmas tree manufacturers use special, in house developed systems which allow for a quick and easy assembly process. 

Polished and spectacular looks 

The quality of materials used for the Tundra Mix PE line of Christmas trees, and above all their high polish, meaning an artificial Christmas tree can look truly spectacular. It has been a long time since you could simply tell by looking at a tree, if its artificial or not, and obviously complain about it. High quality products have carefully recreated pine needles and branch placement.