Tajga II Mix PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Tajga II Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. The tree has a unique and warm look thanks to its form, which has been inspired by the taiga landscapes you can find far up north. Branches, partially made out of polyethylene (PE) ensure that this tree looks immaculate. The rich colour and detail will stay the same for years. 

Detail and effective design 

The quality of used materials, and in particular the detail of products, ensures that an artificial Christmas tree can look truly great. The best of them should have pine needles and branches as closely replicated to the original as possible. It truly has been a long time since you could tell in an instance whether a tree is artificial or not and complain about it. A lot depends on the model you select. Currently you can choose between really rich and thick trees, or trees that have been thinned down on purpose, with irregular branches, which will create a more natural looking artificial Christmas tree. It remains clear that the most exclusive trees must be created with a great deal of detail in order to be admired for their aesthetical values. 

Select exclusive artificial Christmas trees by ADAL

Exclusive artificial Christmas trees such as the Tajga II Mix Pecan be found within the offer by ADAL. We have been producing such trees for over 20 years. This does not only provide us with a huge amount of experience, but also many years to develop and improve our products, so that they can look as good as possible. This has resulted I our great success on the Polish and international market. A number of trees from our offer have been created with additional systems, that make the assembly process really simple. In turn for illumination projects of large public open spaces we provide a professional service and montage capabilities done by a team of our professionals. The offer in itself, is very diverse in terms of styles, in particular their the size. 


When buying an artificial Christmas tree of a good quality, you want to be sure if it entirely safe to use. You can then place a Christmas tree in your home and not worry it will catch fire from the hot lights. Therefore it is key, that they are made out of materials, which are not flammable in any way. In accordance with current regulation all products must meet certain standards. It is worth paying attention to any certificates an artificial Christmas tree possesses, that way you will be sure whether is flame proof and entirely safe for you and your family. For some user aspects concerning allergies are very important – best artificial Christmas trees are made without any materials that could later on be harmful.