Exclusive range – VERONA Christmas trees 

Most popular sizes of artificial VERONA Christmas trees from our exclusive range of prodcuts. Perfect for elegant spaces or as an additional decoration of a bigger arrangement. Characterised by an elegant shape and a deep green colour of the pine needles. 

Exclusive VERONA Christmas trees – flush Christmas 

Small spaces are always a challenge when it comes to the decoration process of your entire house for Christmas. Within our offer you will find artificial VERONA Christmas trees in the following sizes: 270 cm, 300 cm, 350 cm and 400cm. These can be a perfect starting point to creating a magical festive corner in your home. Our products are created out of high quality materials, including polyethylene, a material which is 100% recyclable. Its main characteristic is vivid intensity of colour, which can be maintained for many years. Thanks to this our Christmas trees are not only practical, but are in line with the “less waste” movement. Our products ensure that your home, will be enveloped in a unique atmosphere, and you will be able to let the natural trees grow tall, and be part of nature. Our practical folding QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM will ensure a fast transformation of your interior for the next season. 

Unique design

Verona is an elegant, exclusive artificial Christmas tree that will fit any interior. Thanks to the use of higher amount of branches, it will work with a minimalistic composition as well as a splendid and elegant festive arrangement which uses other Christmas trees. Thanks to its unique shape it can be a perfect Christmas decoration in its own right, or a part of a rich composition of other types of trees, baubles and standing decorations. Natural trees do not allow you to manipulate their delicate branches without damaging the pine needles. Our tree, thanks to the materials used and many years of experience, will not lose any pine needles, making them stay beautiful for a long period of time. Thanks to their elastic branches, they can be modelled in any way you wish, its only limited by your imagination and your plan for additional decorations, which will highlight this special time of the year and remain in your memories for many years to come. 

Order in your home 

Our trees not only look great and can stay with you for many years, but are also very simple to assemble, take apart and store. Thanks to the high production standards, they don’t lose pine needles, which makes it much easier on the family, once Christmas is over and it’s time to do some cleaning. Time spent on cleaning up after a natural Christmas tree could be used on a different activity, certainly a more interesting one.