Giant Christmas trees 

Large Christmas trees are a central element of our festive decorations. During the period of fast approaching Christmas each and every one of us is starting to look around for a Christmas tree, which will decorated our surrounding space. As much as it is not a problem with a Christmas tree dedicated for smaller spaces, decorating a large open area can be really challenging. When looking for alternatives to the one season natural Christmas trees more and more people are reaching for the artificial trees, with impeccable and indistinguishable looks. Rising out to meet the needs of clients , within our offer we can prepared artificial Christmas trees of giant sizes, which can be adjusted to match any given space, be it urban or private. 

Unique decorations of Giant Christmas trees 

Giant Christmas trees are not only large in size and on the same level of realism as natural trees. They are also a unique and personalised decorations. We don’t decorate our trees in standard traditional decoration (although that is also an option), each tree is one of its kind. Colour and type of decorations are  selected during the design process. There really are no limitations here, the tree can be decorated with your city’s colours or your company’s LOGO. You can choose out of LED lights, baubles, garlands and much, much more. All  we need to know is your initial idea for a tree, if there is one, and we will design a unique and original Christmas tree, that will be beautiful and intriguing. 

Giant Standard 

Artificial Conical Giant Christmas trees are one of the staples produced by ADAL. Their construction is based on an aluminium construction, which holds tightly a sheet made out of top quality artificial pine needles. 

Giant Exclusive 

Artificial Giant Exclusive Christmas tree is a solution for clients, that are looking for a truly large tree, that looks just like a thick, natural, live spruce tree. 

Giant Exclusive Slim 

Think Artificial Giant Exclusive Slim Christmas trees, which can be found in the offer by ADAL, are a perfect solutions for clients that need a giant tree with a slightly smaller base diameter. 

My Tree 

Trunk based artificial My Tree Christmas tree is a giant Christmas tree which has not been based on a conical structure. In this case, the thick, natural branches made out of artificial materials, directly grow out of a main trunk. Additionally it is covered with bark imitating materials for the extra realism. 

Pine Giant Tree

Artificial trunk based Pine Giant Tree Christmas tree is the perfect representation of a natural spruce. The tree has its branches start from around the middle point, which is not based on a conical construction, but a main tree trunk instead. In this case, the thick, natural branches made out of artificial materials, directly grow out of a main trunk which is additionally covered with bark imitating materials. 

Pine Giant Extra 

Artificial trunk based Pine Giant Extra is a model of a gigantic Christmas tree with branches covering it fully. The tree brings together the maximal natural effect with truly humongous sizes. 

Why are giant Christmas trees such a convenient solution

It is believed, that giant Christmas trees can be a the source of many problems because of the difficult montage and decoration. By selecting an artificial giant Christmas tree from ADAL, you will not have to worry about a single thing. The tree will be decorated with accordance to the design project you have selected out of the options prepared by our team. In terms of montage – we will take care of that too. The tree will be put up in the location of your choosing. Our construction are solid and stable, the trees will remain unharmed in both, large interior locations or at open, public spaces. This is because they have been created out of materials resistant to any and all atmospherically conditions. Be it wind, rain or snow, our trees can handle it.