Olivia 180 cm
  • Olivia 180 cm
  • Choinka/ Tree Oliwia Śnieżona 180cm
  • Choinka/ Tree Oliwia Śnieżona 180cm
  • Olivia 180 cm

Olivia 180 cm

€87.69 Tax included

OLIVIA Christmas tree with a height of 180 cm and base diameter of 100 cm with a plastic stand. 


This Christmas tree creates a typical wintery atmosphere with its snow-covered looks. Thanks to the high amount of thick branches, which have all been covered with snow, it looks truly elegant. 


Available in five sizes:

H: 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm


Product comes with MPA NRW and CAL FIRE certificates as well as our in-house developed  QUICK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM – allowing for fast folding/unfolding with one swift movement.


* Photo displays a 180 cm tree 

Height [cm] 180
Base diameter [cm] 81 - 120
Stand plastic
Weight [kg] 0 - 10
Shipment type courier package

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