Festive Garland

Festive Garland

Festive Garland

Garlands are one of the most beautiful Christmas decorations, which can be used during the winter season. This type of decoration creates a one of a kind atmosphere, and can be used in many ways. If will work great as an indoor decoration but can also be used to outline doors and windows, which will make your house truly stand out. Garlands, created in many styles and variations can be found at the Timeless Christmas Trees online store.

Festive atmosphere in your home
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Festive atmosphere created with the use of Garlands on your stairs and fireplaces

Garlands placed on stairs or fireplaces will allow you to create a one of a kind atmosphere in your home or flat. Decorating handrails and balustrades in such a way is a very simple task, while looking spectacular at that. It will look exceptional if the stairs are visible from other rooms. While garlands decorating fireplaces will look as if taken from a Hollywood movie.

Wrapping the balustrade

These types of decorations are perfect when it comes to decorating stairs. This move is used in many homes and flats, in particular, when the stairs are located in the open space and are on display. They will work great when used to decorate the entrance to the entresol. The hand rails could be decorated with  chains, as their garland form is ideally suited for this kind of task, especially since you can select models of different lengths. The decorating itself is a very simple task, since all it takes is a little tape or a piece of string to ensure they won’t fall off. You could treat chains, lights or little bells as a complementing component creating a unique Christmas decoration.

Unique décor of the Fireplace

Many homes these days, have a fireplace built in. On their own they already look great but also provide huge arrangement possibilities.  It’s worth decorating them during Christmas, with Garlands no less. An interesting solution could be the Garland in the shape of a twirl, which can be easily placed over the fireplace. This could be complemented with smaller decorations, giving a unique character to the decoration.

Garlands for the balcony or windows will surprise and delight

It’s good to remember, that garlands can be used not only in the house but around it as well, windows and balconies are such places. That way the decoration will be visible from the outside as well. Pedestrians and neighbours will surely be amazed by your decoration and highlight that you are indeed celebrating Christmas this year. An interesting idea would be to use garlands to outline storefronts, creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Girlanda fasonGirlanda ozdobna


Visible from the outside

Most people want to not only decorate the homes, but placed some decorations on the outside as well. It would be a sort of symbol of the Christmas atmosphere that can be found on the inside. You could decorate the outside of you home but not just that. You could hang up some garlands but in such a way that they remain visible from the outside.

Various uses

The main characteristic of this decoration is the ability to remain flexible in terms of usage. Classic, straight garlands can be formed into many shapes but using nails, tape or some string. A balustrade or balcony can be easily decorated. It’s a good idea for flats, that don’t have a lot of outside space or a garden that could be decorated. You could place it by the windows, attached to walls or hanging from the ceiling. From street view it looks really good in terms of living space. An even bolder move would be to cover your door frame with a garland.

Storefront decoration

It’s important to note that Garlands can be used not just to decorate homes. They can easily be used in urban space or office decorations. It would be an amazing idea to decorate storefronts that way. The bigger, the better as you can get really creative with enough space. It will look great and the pedestrians walking by will be encouraged to walk inside as they may be more decorations waiting there.

Select a Garland from the Timeless Christmas Trees online store

At our store, you will find a wide range of festive Garlands. As is the case for Christmas trees, they are made with extra care and quality materials. They come available in many sizes, styles or shapes. Ensuring everyone will be able to find a Garland perfectly suited to their needs.

Wide range of products

Within the offer of the Timeless Christmas Trees online store you will find a couple of garland models, which stand out in terms of shape, visual detail and size. The classic solution would be the Apollo Standard Garland, with slightly smaller branches, making it much lighter. On the other hand the Apollo Deluxe Garland is similar in shape but has a much higher number of branches. Both of them are available in 6 sizes which can be found in the product description. An alternative would be the Spruce Garland with a minimalistic, yet effective looks. It comes in four sizes which can be found in the product description. People looking for something a little different should consider our Rogal of Fason models. The first one has a characteristic form, which makes it perfect for windows and fireplaces. The Fason version is just as effective, with triangles hanging from the ends it gains some style . out of festive decorations, Garlands remain very popular and beautiful decorations. They are very flexible meaning that all arrangements will benefit from their addition. Be it your homes, shops, offices or even urban spaces. Such decorations will create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. If you are looking for good quality Garland, then be sure the check out our offer!