Conical Christmas Tree. Where will it work best?

Conical Christmas Tree. Where will it work best?


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What are the advantages of a conical Christmas tree?

Conical Christmas trees are a regular shape, which can’t be replicated with a natural tree. They look very stylish yet uncommon. Because of their construction, the base diameter isn’t too big either, which can be very important in some cases. It is also worth remembering about all of the benefits associated with giving up live plants. Artificial models don’t require daily maintenance and will last for many years.

Regular shape

These models are very dense and have a nearly perfectly even structure. This makes them look very stylish indeed, with a look that will not be found in a natural tree. Items from a good producer will be perfect to the smallest detail and be of good quality as well. Adal is such a company, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Trees of this shape often surprise, but in a good way, drawing in attention of guests or potential customers everywhere they end up.

Small diameter

Next we should focus on functionality. Christmas trees of this type have a much smaller diameter than most. For many this is very important as the tree can be used even in the smallest room. You could even put it right next to an entrance since there won’t be any pesky branches poking out.

Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

The purchase of an artificial tree is tied with many benefits. You won’t have to water it or clean up a mess of pine needles, which is a big problem for natural trees. You also won’t have to buy a fresh tree each year, since these trees can last for many years. Therefore it is a comfortable solution, not to mention that it’s also very economical, as you are bound to send a lot less money each year during the festive period.

Choinki w kształcie stożka

240cm tall Conical Tree for house and more

Within our offer you will find conical trees, that come in a few models and heights, starting at 150cm and ending at 240cm. Even the biggest one has a lower diameter of only 60cm. These sleek beauties will be perfect, if you don’t have a lot of space for Christmas decorations. If will be an interesting alternative to the classical Christmas tree, additionally these look great in an office, shop or restaurant too.

Available in a few sizes

In the stores offer you will find the Cone model of a tree, which is the perfect representation of a a conical Christmas tree. It has a regular form and look really good, as its made out of artificial materials of the highest quality. You will find it in four sizes: 150, 180, 210 and 240 cm. The first two have a plastic stand while the bigger ones come with a metal one.

For small houses or flats

The Cone model has another advantage and this is their small diameter. With the smallest option, 150 cm, having a diameter of 45 cm, while the biggest one, 240 cm, has only 60 cm. This is truly not a lot, if you want to place a Christmas tree in a small room, without the functionality of the room being limited. It could be an interesting alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, which will surprise and delight.

As a decoration for shopping malls

Conical trees are an extremely popular decoration for shopping malls. Thanks to their thin construction they won’t take up precious exposition space or open spaces for the customers. This could be a perfect decoration for storefronts of next the cash register, creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Restaurants and service points could also be decorated with such trees, they could also be thought about for office space.

Order a Giant Conical tree at the Timeless Christmas Tree online store

A conical tree can also come in the form of a Giant, which can be of twenty five meters tall. Such models are mostly used to decorate public spaces. They could be used as interior or exterior decorations. These models are of course the flagships of the ADAL brand, and are available to order, so if you are thinking of buying one, please contact us directly.

Where are they used?

Such trees are mainly used a public space decorations. Depending on the needs of the client, they can decorate interior or exterior locations. This could be a perfect solution for town squares or plazas. They are also very popular with shopping galleries, which prefer a giant tree, with a smaller diameter, that doesn’t take up too much space from the clients and their impeccable looks amaze and surprise them, especially when decorated with different kinds of light. Conical trees are also a good match for other covered recreational of service areas. Artificial Conical Christmas trees can shock a little with their form, but they also looks special and effective. They are the preferred form of decoration for shops, shopping galleries or large town squares. But the could also be an interesting alternative for your home, if conserving space is a priority for you. Variations of the Conical Christmas tree can be found at the Timeless Christmas Trees online store.