Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

A flocked Christmas tree could be an interesting alternative to the traditional Christmas tree experience or a wonderful addition to your existing decoration. Artificial models of this type can be both effective and surprising. In our store you will find products from ADAL, a trusted manufacturer with many years of experience. You can choose from a range of models in different sizes, with plastic, metal or wooden stands.

Why are they worth selecting?
Surprising looks
Winter climate
An alternative to the classics
Additional decoration
Exceptional wooden stand models

Why are flocked Christmas trees worth selecting?

The selection of a flocked Christmas tree could be dictated by the need to find a less typical Christmas tree or decoration for our homes and offices. Such models truly do look spectacular. They strongly tie in to the environment, which can be seen during the winter season. Therefore they not only create a Christmas atmosphere, but also a winter climate, desired by many.

Natural and Spectacular look

Such a Christmas tree is surely unique when it comes to artificial aspects. Prepared in this way the tree looks truly natural. When placed in an office or home you might have the impression that it has just been brought from a snow-covered forest. This will be a big surprise for household members and visitors. Such an addition will surely invoke positive feelings, enhance interiors and simply amaze. Models from good producers are prepared with attention to detail and come in many variants. The tree itself will therefore look natural, the artificial snow looks amazing and will stay so for many years.

An alternative to the Classics

During the festive season, a Christmas tree will find its way to every home. More and more people choose an artificial tree, going away from the live style of decoration. It’s a responsible choice when it comes to ecology, and it truly is easy to keep clean. Additionally this option can be sued for many years, making it the smart choice from a financial point of view. If you are looking for something atypical or simply trying to make a change in your home, you can replace the traditional tree with the flocked one. While this is impossible for natural Christmas trees, for manufacturers this is truly not a problem. House owners will appreciate this change, and guests will be surprised and delighted with this choice. If you wish to treat such a tree as the main element of your Christmas décor, we highly recommend the Olivia model, which looks great and is available in many sizes, even 240 cm.


 Sztuczne choinki ze śniegiem

Additional decoration

An artificial tree such as this can also be used as a support element of a much bigger decoration. Be it carefully decorated shops, homes or offices. Placed on the side-lines, be it a coffee table, it will create a unique festive atmosphere. They should be thought about when decorating halls or corridors – located close the entrance to the building. They will become an interesting passing point between the interior and exterior. For this purpose you could select the Mini line which ranges from 40 cm to 80 cm. These could be placed on furniture, using the extra space in a decorative sense. If you wish to place a tree on the ground we suggest smaller models from the Olivia collection, with heights of 120, 150 and 180 cm.

Exceptional flocked Christmas tree on a trunk

Available at our store, the flocked trunk based Christmas tree can be a spectacular decoration. The stand is made out of real wood, which makes the tree look even more natural. You could select a tiny, purely decorative option. We also offer a version, which imitates a natural spruce , perfectly referencing the alpine landscape. Such an element will surprise and amaze all around. 

The use of a natural tree

When it comes to standard Christmas trees a plastic stand is used. They are discrete, durable and stable. This is slightly different for trunk based trees. There an actual piece of a tree is used, which adds to the natural fell and character of the decoration. Additionally this part rises the aesthetic values of the decoration making it stand out even more. Finally in brings in strong ties for the forest and nature.

Mini Tundra Decoration

If you are looking for a classic, small trunk based tree, we highly recommend the mini Tundra line. Its height is around 70-75 cm, making it an excellent decoration for a small table of chest of draws. Besides a wooden trunk, this model comes with very natural, snow covered branches, creating a winter atmosphere. This will be a great choice for a small room, office or study.

Exclusive Alpine Spruce

A very interesting offer by ADAL, is the flocked Alpine Spruce tree available at our store. Longer and pointing down branches, perfectly reflect the landscape and the frosty feel of the alps. Such decoration resemble movie shots or pictures remembered from winter holidays spent with the family in the mountains. Said trees come with a wooden trunk and stand and are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 210 cm. Therefore they can be used in many ways, as traditional decoration as well as truly exciting alternative Christmas decoration. When trying to dazzle with a unique decoration of your home, shop or office, it’s good to think about artificial flocked Christmas trees. Products available here, by ADAL, can be found in many variations. They differ in style, finish and size. Thanks to that they can be used in a range of ways. Be it used as main elements or as part of a larger decoration they will look truly wonderful. With ease, creating a festive winter atmosphere. If that is what you are looking for then be sure to check out the offer by ADAL.