Artificial tree manufacturer

Artificial tree manufacturer

Artificial tree manufacturer 

Adal  is a Christmas tree manufacturer with many years of experience, which in turn provides our customers with top quality products. Everything we make has been polished with the utmost care and precision, ensuring safety which is backed up with corresponding certificates. You will find a wide range of Christmas trees, that come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Making it super easy to select a perfect Christmas tree just for you. 

What should the characteristics of a good artificial tree manufacturer?

Firstly any manufacturer should put the needs of his clientele ahead of everything else. This allows him to constantly improve his products to ensure they are of good quality, while being safe to use. Usually it is highly dependent on acquired experience, that allows one to see more aspects that will be appealing to potential clients. This is the case for Adal, which has been an artificial tree manufacturer for many years. Our trees use special systems that make them very easy to assemble and disassemble. We also have a diverse selection of products, suited to the needs of private clients as well as big companies. 


Just as it is in in any field of work, certain things only come with experience. Staying on the market for many years is also a mark of a good company making their products noteworthy. As a company, Adal has been manufacturing Christmas trees since 1997, that gives us over 20 years of experience. Because of this our position on the current market is very strong, additionally it is backed up by our reliability, passion and diligence for our products. We constantly try to improve, to not only maintain a high standard but to also stays one step ahead. 

Quality products and safety 

Top tier of manufacturers strive to achieve success by simply satisfying their clientele with a top quality of goods and the service itself. Adal is no different, we use only the best materials in our products. Certificates granted by European and American laboratories are a proof of that. A selection of our products have fire proof certificates ensuring their total safety. Thanks to such due diligence our decorations have gained fame in not only Europe but Africa and Australia as well.

Special systems 

As a buyer you pay close attention to not only looks, but other aspects as well. If this tree is going to last a few seasons, it’s important to ensure the manufacturers are using latest technologies such as easy assembly. Here at Adal we offer 2 distinct options when it comes to assembly/disassembly. The first is a quick distribute system which based on a simple single move to unfold or fold our tree, the way a parasol would open and close. The second is a hook in system, the tree is based on a centre trunk onto which smaller branches are later attached making it a lot easier to set up your Christmas decorations. It is also a great storage solution as the tree can be divided into smaller boxes and stored with ease. 

Wide range of products 

A good manufacturer should offer a wide range of products, this will ensure each client will find something for themselves. Within our offer you will find a great selection of Christmas trees, that come in many sizes. Each model varies in terms of looks, amount of branches and their spread. Additionally we offer snow-covered or trunk based trees. The possibility of selecting a giant Christmas tree is also available – in this case we ask that you contact us directly, as they are made to order.  Besides just trees, we also offer the possibility of purchasing other decorations such as garlands, wreaths and many more. 

Adal – Eco friendly manufacturer of artificial PE trees

Here art Adal we also manufacture artificial PE Christmas trees. This means that they have been made out of polyethylene which can be fully recycled and is very eco-friendly. At the same time this means that they look very natural and are nearly indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. It’s also important to note that, buying an artificial tree is good for the environment in itself than the purchase of a natural tree. 

What should you know about them? 

For many of our products we use the modern polyethylene material ( PE for short). It can be fully recycled once its life time nears to an end and gain a second life keeping your conscience clear. It’s the smart thing to do. Additionally it should be highlighted that these trees look near identical to their natural counterparts creating an amazing effect. 

Ecological responsibility 

Besides the obvious advantages of the PE models, you need to know that, artificial Christmas trees are a responsible choice for the environment. Such a product will serve you for many years to come, so you won’t have to buy a new tree each year. Only after as little as 3 years the negative impact of producing an artificial tree is neutralized. You will also help limit the number of tree plantations making it the smart decision. 

Attractive prices of artificial trees by Adal

Artificial tree manufacturer set the prices based on a few variables. The quality of used materials is very important. After that it’s the density and finish of branches in a particular model. Meaning the most expensive trees will always be the best looking models that perfectly imitate the natural look of a Christmas tree. Without a doubt you will be able to find the perfect tree that meets your requirements while the price to quality ration is very favourable.  

Why is this such a good investment? 

Looking at this from one side, investing in an artificial tree may seem pricey, but it’s important to view it from all angles. Such trees are more expensive than their natural counter parts when buying from good manufacturers. However it is a thought out purchase that will last a few years. In turn a natural tree will only last a couple of weeks, making it a one season decoration. The price of an artificial tree will refund itself after a few years. If you are in the market for a trusted artificial tree manufacturer, Adal is a good choice for you. Years of experience, coupled with great attention to detail and a wide selection of products will ensure you find the best tree for you. Such a product will stay with you for a few years and will be a good financial and ecological choice. Check out our offer!