What should you know about artificial Christmas trees?

What should you know about artificial Christmas trees?

What should you know about artificial Christmas trees? 

Artificial Christmas trees are and interesting alternative to natural pine trees. This solution is tied to many benefits, while the decorations themselves work well during the festive period. They can be used in houses or offices, as well as in big Christmas illuminations. If you are in the market for such products, we highly recommend you take a look at our offer. We have many years of experience and offer high quality Christmas trees, available in many forms. 

Why should you decide to buy a Christmas tree from us? 

Artificial Christmas trees have been becoming more popular over the last few years. This is because they come with many benefits, you will save money and protect the environment at the same time. We have been producing such trees for over twenty years. Based on that experience we create trees, which fulfil the needs of our most demanding clients. Most of all we offer a wide range of trees, in terms of both size, shape, detail and finish. You will surely find a model, which will be to your liking. 

A few words about Adal

The company has been manufacturing artificial Christmas trees since 1997, which means we have over twenty years of experience. We can be characterised by our diligence and passion, which in turn is shown in our high quality products and service. Thanks to which our products have been praised not only in Europe, but in Africa and Australia as well. Be it modern or traditional products, they always meet the expectations of our clients. Our products are constantly improved, raising to meet expectations and demands of the market. Besides their quality, our products also come with all of the necessary paperwork, certified by American and European laboratories. A selection of our products also come with fire proof certificates, proving that they are completely safe. Some of our trees also come with a hook in system, enabling fast assembly and disassembly or the quick distribution system, which allows the trees to be quickly unfolded and folded back up with one swift move, same as a parasol. 

Ecological and economical solutions 

It’s a fact that natural trees have certain beauty to them, but that doesn’t mean that artificial trees can’t be just as stunning. With good workmanship, they can look truly impressive. It is also a responsible solution when thinking about ecology, since it limits the amount of tree plantations and you won’t have to buy a new tree each year. In our offer you will also find trees with the “PE” mark, this means that they have been created out of materials, which are fully recyclable. Ecological aspects of said trees are also worthy of note. One such tree can last for many years, so you won’t have to invest in a new one each year. It is also a very convenient solution, you won’t have to worry about room temperature or watering.