Nevada mix PE 240 cm
  • Nevada mix PE 240 cm
  • Choinka / Tree Newada 240 cm
  • Choinka / Tree Newada 240 cm
  • Nevada mix PE 240 cm

Nevada mix PE 240 cm

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NEVADA MIX PE Christmas tree with a height of 240 cm and base diameter of 160 cm with a plastic stand. 


Very rich Christmas tree with thick and densely placed branches that casually cascade downwards, creating the effect of lightness and elegance.  

What makes this Christmas tree truly great are its branches, partially made out of PE, which perfectly imitates the shape and colour of natural pine needles. 


Available in size:

H: 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm, 270 cm



Product comes with our in-house developed  QUICK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM – allowing for fast folding/unfolding with one swift movement. 


* Photo displays a 240 cm tree 

Height [cm] 240
Base diameter [cm] 121 - 160
Stand metal
Weight [kg] 21 - 31
Shipment type courier package

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Polecam. Podoba nam się bardzo.



Piękna choinka, wyglądająca jak żywa. Z dodatkową dekoracją tworzy piękny świąteczny nastrój.

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