Naturalna 210 cm
  • Naturalna 210 cm
  • Choinka / Tree Naturalna 210cm
  • Choinka / Tree Naturalna 210cm
  • Choinka / Tree Naturalna 210cm

Natural 210cm

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NATURAL Christmas tree with a height of 210 cm and base diameter of 153 cm with a plastic stand. 


Famous for its large amount of varied delicate branches, thank thickly envelop the tree trunk. This Christmas tree is the true embodiment of nature and tradition. 


Available in five sizes:

H: 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm


Product comes with MPA NRW certificates as well as our in-house developed  QUICK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM – allowing for fast folding/unfolding with one swift movement. 


* Photo displays a 210 cm tree 

Height [cm] 210
Base diameter [cm] 121 - 160
Stand metal
Weight [kg] 11 - 20
Shipment type courier package

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