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Artificial, trunk based, My Tree giant Christmas tree is based on a centre core and modelled after a conical shape. 

In this case the branches are thick, natural and attached directly to the tree trunk in the centre of the tree, which is covered in a bark imitating material for the full natural effect. Thanks to all of these factors, this model is one of the most realistic, that you will be able to find in the offer by ADAL. 

This Christmas tree is available in 3 sizes, full specs are available in the gallery. 

Product comes with MPA NRW certificates as well as our in-house developed  HOOK IN SYSTEM – allowing for fast assembly/disassembly of the tree.  


* Photo displays a 400 cm tree 

Height [cm] 460 to 1510
Availability to order
Base diameter [cm] 202 to 607
Weight [kg] 91 to 1893

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Zamówiłam z polecenia koleżanki na ogród aby zasłonić pewną część ogrodu. Jestem zachwycona jak realistycznie ona wygląda. Dziękuje