A traditional line of artificial Olivia Christmas trees is the reflection of a traditional from in an absolute winter setting. When looking for something unorthodox or simple wanting to make a change in your decorative scheme, you could replace a traditional Christmas tree with a flocked variant. While that may be impossible for natural trees, for artificial tree manufacturers this will not pose much of a problem. The family will surely appreciate a change in your decorations, and the quests will be delighted with your choice. Artificial Olivia Christmas tree is a professionally manufactured, branch based Christmas tree, which will work with any type of interior. At the same time providing joy and laughter, and evening around this tree will be remembered for many years to come. 


Olivia Christmas tree can be an interesting alternative to the traditional Christmas tree or be the main star in your interior decorative arrangement. Artificial trees of this type look very effective and shocking, while having a very realistic design and detailed finish. Artificial Olivia Christmas tree is available in a wide range of sizes starting at 120cm, through 150cm, 180cm, 210cm and finishing with a large 240cm tall tree. This tree is based on artificial pine needles, which are fully flocked with artificial snow. As is our standard, a plastic stand has been fashioned to this tree as it both durable and stable. . On top of all of that it creates a strong tie to the forest and nature during the long, Christmas evening in any room it will end up. It also comes with fire proof certificates such as CAL FIRE, meaning it can be placed in many atypical locations. Finally it has been equipped with the QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM, which lets you unfold it with one, swift motion. 


Olivia is an artificial Christmas tree in a strong winter setting, that strongly references a simple, classic design with a winter white colour scheme. It can be a wonderful alternative to the traditional green, branching Christmas tree. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, the artificial Olivia Christmas tree can be found in both the living room as a main decoration, or a desk or deep windowsill were it can play the role of a side character. Besides the stable, plastic stand, this model comes with natural, flocked branches creating an amazing winter climate. Such a tree will surely find a spot in any type of interior. It can be a great choice for your living room and desk, or as a simple addition to a much bigger or smaller composition for the Christmas period.