PERFECT Christmas trees up to 240 cm

Artificial PERFECT Christmas trees up to 240 cm. One of the most popular type of tree, that we sell, among our clients. Because of the diverse thickness and length of branches, this Christmas tree has gained favour with Polish and international clients, that value a classical form and a perfect finish.  

Top quality for every pocket 

Small interiors and a cut down budget used to be a big problem when trying to create a perfect, magical atmosphere in your home or office. In the more recent years this is not so much of an issue, mainly because of our rich and varied offer of PERCEFT Christmas trees under 240 cm, you could find yourself with an exclusive artificial tree in your home, made of top quality materials, additionally adjusted to each location, despite its size. You can select a tree out of the following sizes: 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm. Such a wide range, truly provides you with a lot of options when it comes to decorating your home, or simply finding a prefect tree for you. Because of this you can decorate any space you wish, be it small room, larger office space or a huge hall. Your home, as well as your place of work can be filled with positive vibrations and the wonderfully Christmas atmosphere we are love. 

PERFECT Christmas tree - Ecology and beauty 

By opting out to purchase an artificial Christmas tree for your home or office, you join a group of people that contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution, which also means less interference with the natural flora of the earth. A Tree plantation with the sole purpose of cutting down trees is missing the point entirely, if 100% of trees will not return to the earth, which is always the case. It simply takes too much time and effort to buy  a natural tree and the return it unarmed to the earth. It would be a simpler idea to grow such a tree in your garden but again not everyone can afford such a comfort and additionally you can really bring the tree inside now can you. By purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, which will serve your for a number of years, you reduced the emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere and the damage to the ecosystem. Thanks to this natural pine and spruce trees can grow in peace. 

Practical application 

Christmas is a truly magical time, which sadly ends once new year arrives. Then it’s time to clean up your Christmas decorations and any mess you have made, pack them up and neatly store them away. At this stage an artificial Christmas tree still has many advantages. One such advantage would be for you not to have to clean up fallen pine needles since an artificial Christmas tree simply doesn’t lose any during standard use. Additionally thanks to our QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM, you can quickly and effortlessly fold or unfold our Christmas tree with one, swift motion. Because of its small size, once folded it’s a breeze to store away.