CONE Christmas trees up to 240 cm 

Artificial CONE Christmas trees up to 240 cm. Its atypical shape is its main characteristic. Thanks to its lower base diameter it will be a perfect fit for any interior, even rooms with a small usable surface. Unique and modern conical form of this Christmas tree will highly all of your traditional decorations. 

Artificial CONE Christmas trees up to 240 cm – Tradition with a modern design

Artificial Christmas trees have been on the market for quite some time now. They have been created to reduce the amount of natural pine and spruce trees being cut down each year, especially for the festive season. At the start they didn’t resemble their “older brothers” in the slightest, however with time that too has changed. Currently you can find Christmas trees, that look extremely natural, and come with a range of benefits that you will not be able to find in their natural counterparts, such as the reduction of cut down pine and spruce trees, allowing them to naturally grow, as mother nature ordained. Thanks to their solid construction, our artificial Christmas trees won’t lose any pine needles, which can be a nightmare for us all. Within the offer of Christmas trees up to 240 cm, you can find any shape and size that suits your needs. Additionally thanks to its compact size once disassemble you can store it practically anywhere, and have it wait for yet another festive season. 

An option for people with allergies 

It should not be forgotten, that the purchase of an artificial Premium Christmas tree is tied to many other advantages. Surely this will be a great solution for people struggling with various types of allergies, especially those related to resin. By investing in such as tree you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in your home, without the unnecessary risk of someone getting an allergic reaction. 

Modern form – Traditional decorations 

Our CONE artificial Christmas trees have been given a very modern shape,  which will in fact contrast as well as highlight other, more traditional decoration. Thanks to its conical shape hanging decorations on the tree itself will be a breeze as you won’t have to fight your way around the tree through a maze of branches. 

Montage and storage 

Artificial Cone Christmas trees, besides their modern design have another very important feature. They won’t take up as much space as a traditional Christmas tree because of their slim, conical design and storage of such a tree will truly be a breeze. Simply hid it under your bead so it can await the next festive season in peace.