Royal MIX Tree

Royal MIX Christmas tree

Artificial Royal MIX Christmas tree is a part of our „hair” Christmas trees. One of the most popular trees in its group. A unique, artificial Christmas tree , with rich visual effects that have been achieved thanks to the trees long, think, shaded artificial pine needles. These long, think needles create the effect of a truly rich tree. Exclusive artificial Christmas trees should be made out of top quality materials, which will be reflected in their spectacular looks. One simple truth is very important, its fro the trees to meet certain ecological and safety standards. Trees from a good and experienced manufacturer can truly look as if real, while staying more comfortable for the customers, as they don’t require much maintenance. A range of effective and detailed Christmas trees can be found in the offer by ADAL. 

Detailed and effective looks 

Thanks to the high quality of materials, and more importantly the great attention to detail, means that artificial Christmas trees can have a very striking visage. A lot of time has passed since you could tell at a glance whether a Christmas tree is artificial or not, which would be the cause of many a complaints. High quality goods should have a well-represented artificial pine needles and branches. Much of this is dictated by the trees model and size. Currently you could select a tree with a smaller amount of branches, which would make it more natural, or a truly thick and rich artificial Christmas tree. However it is certain that artificial Christmas trees of the best quality need to be carefully created so that their aesthetic values will shine. 


Christmas is a magical time, which sadly passes away after the new year. Then one must clean up their present decorations, pack them tightly and await the next festive season. At this stage the artificial Royal MIX Christmas trees also come with many advantages. There is no need for cleaning up of pine needles for start, as artificial trees simply don’t lose any. Additionally, thanks to the QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM, you can fold and unfold the tree with one, swift motion. 

For homes and offices 

More and more people opt out for artificial variants for their houses and flats. Well-made trees, in no way look worse than their natural counterparts, more often than not they actually look much better. Additionally they are a lot more comfortable. You won’t have to take care of them every single day, worry about fallen pine needles that will require cleaning up. An artificial tree can be simply packed up once the season is done, stored away and ready for when you need it next.