Nevada MIX PE

Nevada Mix PE Christmas tree 

An artificial Nevada Mix PE Christmas tree is part of our Mix PE group of Christmas trees. Perfect for medium and larger spaces, dependant to the selected size of the tree between 180 cm and up 240 cm. They are a classic type of an artificial Christmas tree with natural looking branches, whose needles have a natural colour and orientation. 

Artificial Nevada Mix PE Christmas tress fitting any interior 

Medium as well as large spaces can be decorated with our artificial Nevada Mix PE Christmas tree, because of them, each and every room will have a magical atmosphere during the festive period. Christmas time and the artificial tree become one. It is precisely this union that creates a magical atmosphere and allows us to happily enjoy this peaceful festive period with our closest ones. Thanks to our rich offer of Mix PE Christmas trees, everyone can decorate their preferred tree in any way they desire. Classic and natural shape of the Christmas tree ensures that any decorations that may find their way will fit into any room and suit the owners tastes. Everyone will be able to find their preferred type, height and lower diameter of an artificial Christmas tree. All of our Christmas trees are made out of polyethylene, a material, which is entirely recyclable. Said material maintains is vivid colour and shape for a very long time. An important ecological and economical aspect in the longevity of our artificial Christmas trees. Theoretically speaking, natural pine trees may seem to be the ecological choice, but that may not necessarily be true. Each year, entire plantations of such trees are required , to facilitate clients for only a few days, after which they will be discarded. Artificial Christmas trees can be used for many season, and as it turns out, after only 3 years they become more ecological. Additionally ADAL as a company uses polyethylene during the production of their trees. It looks very natural, which in turn means better overall presentation of the tree. They are also an economical solution as an investment in this type of product nets a quick return, as with each passing season you will not have to send additional money on a fresh Christmas tree. 

Easy assembly

Artificial Nevada Mix PE Christmas tree does not only look beautiful, but is also easy to assemble. It is becoming a common practise of leaving behind trees that have to be stored standing up in a single position or can’t be folded up. A Christmas tree with detachable branches has to be produced with great care, so that later on they won’t fall off from simply standing still. Best manufacturers use solutions available to all or especially developed in house, which simplify the assemble process. Additionally this means easy storage of a folded tree awaiting the next festive period. 

Details and striking looks 

The quality of materials used for the production of the Nevada Mix PE Christmas tree, and the attention to detail, ensures that the Christmas tree will look truly amazing. It has been a long time since you could differentiate between an artificial and natural tree and complain about it. High quality goods come with a representation of pine needles and branch placements.