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MILENIUM Christmas trees up to 240 cm 

Artificial MILENIUM Christmas trees up to 240 cm. A Christmas tree with a classic shape, fitting any given space despite its size. It comes with an interesting placement of branches. 

Artificial MILENIUM Christmas Trees up to 240cm – classic design at its best

Classics are always in fashion. This can be said not only for the fashion business, but for the decorative sector as well. If you don’t know or cant decided on a style, it is always good to go with a traditional elements and classical Christmas trees. The MILENIUM Christmas trees are available in the following sizes: 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm, which makes a perfect base for your desired decoration. 

Green forest in Your home 

Each year we buy hundreds of thousands of natural Christmas trees, sadly most of them will be discarded once the winter season is over or replanted incorrectly which will make the tree sick or wilt away. The purchase of an artificial Christmas tree solves this problem and allows of the creation of a wonderful, magical green forest in your home. The traditional concept of Christmas, is that there should be a single tree in house, however this should not stop you from modifying this concept and having a few artificial trees of different sizes and styles to create a thick, rich forest. Our Christmas trees are made out of materials which are 100% recyclable, this material is called polyethylene. This materials has a rich, vibrant green colour, that is not one-dimensional. The surface wonderfully reflects light and absorbs shadows thanks to with you get a wonderful 3D effect, instead of a flat Christmas tree. 

Classic elegance 

Class can have many sides. From the minimalistic, to the richly decorated with classical elements. Our artificial Christmas trees are a great base for any type of decoration, and thanks to the fact, as opposed to the natural tree, its branches can be freely modified, bent and twisted – you have an infinite number of options. You can enjoy such a tree for many years, letting tour imagination run wild to decorate your tree differently each year. It could be colourful decorations, hand made by your kids or monochromatic elements creating an interesting visuals concept. The ritual of dressing up a Christmas tree is present in pretty much every home, adults love it just as much as kids even thou we may say we don’t. With our tree you can continue this beautiful tradition and at the same time bring a little twist each year making it that much more special.