CARMEN Christmas trees up to 240 cm 

Artificial CARMEN Christmas trees up to 240cm. Perfect for rustic, boho interiors with wooden and fabric accents. This model is perfect as a base for any kind of Christmas decoration. Available in the following sizes: 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm. 

Nature in your home – artificial Carmen Christmas tree 

In modern times it is not entirely necessary to own a huge house with a massive garden or a big apartment to create a real, magical festive atmosphere as seen in some of the most popular family movies. One of the most timeless and unforgettable trends is the rustic style where natural wooden and fabric elements are used to decorate an interior. Our artificial CARMEN Christmas trees will be a perfect match for smaller and bigger interiors, this is thanks to their size (240 cm). If however you find the rustic style to be a little outdate for your next Christmas, our tree can be decorated in any way you wish, while its colour and shape will remain the same for many years to come. This is thanks to a special material that is used during their production, meaning polyethylene, which not only retains its perfect shape but stays just a green as it was at the beginning of usage. Additionally it is fully recyclable meaning you won’t have to be afraid for the environment. When creating you perfect Christmas decoration, you won’t add to the deforestation of our planet, while your artificial Christmas tree won’t be a danger to the environment. In order to enjoy an artificial tree for as long as possible, all you need to do is store it appropriately. This could not be easier thanks to our folding mechanisms, QUICK DISTRIBUTE SYSTEM which lets you fold and unfold a tree with one swift motion. Once folded the trees size is significantly reduced allowing for easy storage. 


Not every Christmas tree is the same. This rule most commonly applies to natural trees such as pine or spruce, but you could apply it to our products as well. Because of the fact that we constantly strive to improve our products in terms of production and design, each and every model has a different look. Thanks to the use of brown foil which imitates the bark of a tree, our Carmen model has a unique rustic and natural character. It is a perfect base for a decoration in the form of baubles in a range of materials and colours, wooden figures or white snowflakes. The character of this tree can be highlighted by natural decoration or homemade honey-cakes, dried orange peals or colourful garlands. Thanks to its branch placement, LED lights will look as if made for each other.