Alpine trees in jute

Alpine trees in Jute

An incredibly interesting proposition in a traditional setting is the set of three, flocked artificial Alpine trees in jute. Longer and pointing downwards branches perfectly reflect the typical alpine landscape in a wintery setting. Such decorations can be associated with movie shots or pictures remembered from winter holidays spent with the family in the Alps. This model of a Christmas tree comes with a round base, which has been flocked with artificial snow and looks like a frozen piece of ground. Alpine trees in jute are a professionally made, relatively small festive decorations, which will work in any interior space as a complementing element or a main decoration in a smaller living space. 


Artificial Alpine trees in jute can be an interesting alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, fulfilling the role of a side, or main, space complementing decoration. Artificial Christmas trees of this model can be truly effective and surprising, while remaining realistic in size. Alpine trees in /jute come as a single decoration with three trees in a different sizes which are as follows: 70cm, 55cm and 40cm. These trees are made out of artificial pine needles, which are entirely flocked with artificial snow imitating materials. As is the case with most standard artificial Christmas trees, a plastic stand is the norm, however for this model we have used a round stand imitating a piece of the ground. It is precisely this part of the Christmas tree that rises its aesthetical values and ensures, that the decoration truly stands out. Keeping all of this in mind, this artificial Christmas tree creates strong ties to the alpine forests and nature during the cold, winter, Christmas days. 


Alpine trees in jute are a traditional Christmas decoration, in a strong winter form, with very natural characteristics as well as an interesting shape. It is a capital alternative to traditional wreaths and ornaments or other such decorations for the living space. Thanks to their small, compact size, artificial Alpine trees in jute can be placed somewhere in the living room as a small, main Christmas decoration, or as a single, side decoration on your desk, deep windowsill or even stairs. Besides the unique stand, which imitates a piece of frozen soil, this model comes with flocked branches giving a wonderful winter climate to the entire decoration. A tree such as this will surely find its place in any type of interior. It will be a great choice for you living room or office, or to simply use as a beautifully looking addition to your large, or smaller living space during Christmas time.