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Artificial COMBED WREATHS are an incredibly traditional decoration for walls, doors and elevations. Thanks to the special branch placement, it becomes an interesting decorative element, while inspiring you to keep working at additional Christmas decorations. 

An ecological solution 

Data based on some of the statistical researchers indicate that, artificial Christmas trees and such products manufactured in China causes huge emissions of co2 particles into the air destroying our precious world. However, our products, including festive ROYAL WREATHS, produced here in Poland have a much smaller impact on the atmosphere in terms of toxic substances. After only 3 years of using such a tree, the negative impact it had on the environment during its production is negated, meaning the owner of such a tree has a positive impact on the environment. This cannot be said about clients that choose to purchase a fresh, natural tree each year. It may seem strange but the emissions caused by manufacturing an artificial Christmas tree are around 2-3 times higher than those created during the process of growing a natural pine or spruce tree. Additionally our Christmas trees are created out of polyethylene which not only last for a very long time but can also be fully recycled and gain a second life.

Additional decoration

A festive ROYAL WREATH is a perfect addition to any type of interior. Its striking form and looks take root in tightly packed branches, which look just like combed hair, going in a single direction. Detailed pine needles have been carefully installed on artificial branches which creates a unique, elegant and tidy effect, which looks just incredible when highlighted with LED lights, which can be directly hanged on the decoration itself. We have also added a little bit of brown fil to the branches, which imitates bark and makes the entire decoration look ever more realistic and natural. The wreath almost looks as if real and is available in the three following sizes:50 x 15cm, 70 x 25cm and 100 x 25cm. This ensures you will be able to purchase just the right decoration. 

An option for people with allergies 

The purchase of our ROYAL WREATH has one, very important advantage for a group of people that have problems with different types of allergens.  Our garlands does not give off resin or pollen, which are a common cause for allergic reactions for many people. This cannot be said about natural decorations, meaning some people won’t enjoy a green Christmas. By selecting one of our products you can create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and not have to worry about a thing.  Thanks to this you can spend your Christmas in peace, not having to worry that one of our quests has an allergic reaction, or even worse someone from your close family.