Alpine trees in jute

Small Alpine trees in Jute 

Artificial Alpine Christmas trees which are a part of our Small collection. Perfect for smaller spaces or as an accent to a larger Christmas composition. 

A set of three Alpine trees with a total height of 70cm and diameter of 35cm attached to a plastic stand. Thanks to their soaring form, they perfectly reflect the alpine atmosphere. Additionally the base has been covered with jute, which highlight the climate of Christmas. 

Small artificial Christmas tree by ADAL

Within the offer by ADAL, you will be able to find all manner of artificial Christmas trees, and this included a Small collection. As an experienced manufacturer we try to meet the needs of our clients head on. Because of this we prepare special models even in the smallest sizes. In some cases, just their shape means smaller size. Just by selecting an artificial tree instead of a natural pine or spruce tree, will allow you to enjoy it for many years. Finally such an offer is perfect for home owners, that do not have an incredible amount of space to designate for Christmas decorations or simply don’t what to waste it. Thanks to our rich offer of small Christmas trees, everyone will be able to find a perfect tree for their family. 

Impeccable presentation 

In a situation where the tree is made out of top quality materials, is it is with ADAL products, they truly look as if real. If can even be said that they look better than their natural counterparts. In the context of natural plants, uneven or broken branches are often a big headache when looking for such a tree. Therefore it is a really hard to job to try and find a really nice tree, as the best looking ones will get bought up in an instance. In the case of artificial models this is not the case. 


Alpine trees are considered to be traditional Christmas trees, that have a very natural and at the same time interesting form. Such artificial trees will surely find their respective place within a number of interiors. This model is a great choice for a living room and office, or as a simple decoration of smaller spaces wonderfully highlighting the Christmas atmosphere all around. 

Artificial yet natural, Christmas trees by ADAL

Artificial and yet natural Christmas trees can be found in the offer by ADAL. We have been manufacturing such products for over 20 years, and our experience allows us to create, top quality and beautiful products. We also provide a diverse range of products which can all be found in our catalogue. Be it an extremely tall tree or a tree in an unorthodox style.